About Us

Welcome to HoneyGold Beauty. We are an extension brand geared at the everyday business woman and entrepreneur. It is our goal at Honeygold Beauty to help women feel excited about their appearance, with an emphasis workplace, but also on a “date night” and even for the mom on the go. We provide convenience to their overall hair needs but understand what it means to want to feel confident and “cute!” So whether you're in the workplace or in a serious minded mood to and take charge of your busy schedule, HoneyGold Beauty will cater to your needs!

Website banner of three black women in honey dripping aesthetic for Honeygold Beauty


We are dedicated to creating a wig that will define your personality and style. Our team prides itself in understanding your needs and it reflects in our wigs.


We value making you feel more confident in the choices you make with your hair by providing you with custom wigs that make you feel your best at work, date nights, or “happy hour” with your friends. 


We create wigs that are easy to install and won't take significant amount of time out of your busy schedule to manage. 

Quality & Longevity

We create our wigs with hair that will maximize quality and longevity. Our instruction videos show the best ways to care for your wig to ensure longevity. 

Our Main objective is to help women feel more confident in the choices they make with their hair.