How long will it take to complete my unit?

- There is a turn around of 10-14 business days (does not include weekends and holidays) for all units to be processed and completed. 

What’s the difference between raw hair and virgin hair?

- Both virgin and raw hair are human hair. However, raw hair has not been processed or chemically altered. Raw hair is just like the hair growing from the scalp and should be treated as such. Virgin hair has been steamed and colored to give its desired look and texture.

Are your units glueless?

- Yes, all our wigs are constructed glueless and comes with an adjustable strap. If you would like extra security, an adhesive spray can be applied on the lace.

How do I maintain my units or bundles?

- We recommend shampoo and deep condition your wigs or bundles every two week and let air dry. Avoid using products containing sulfates and alcohol which are harmful to the hair. We recommend using our shampoo and conditioner (coming soon) to cleanse and moisturize the hair.

Can I bleach or color my bundles?
- Our hair are 100% unprocessed raw human hair and can take bleach very well. We do recommend having a professional stylist for any bleaching or color services.

How long will my unit or bundles last?
- With proper care, our units and bundles can last for 3+ years

What should I do to my hair before going to sleep?

- Always make sure your hair isn’t damp or wet before going to sleep. This will prevent matting of the hair. Wear a silk bonnet while sleeping to keep in moisture and prevent frizz.

Are Sezzle payments accepted?
- YES!! We are proud to announce that we have partnered with Sezzle!